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WebScarab-NG is a really amazing tool that Brian introduced me to a few months back.  It’s essentially a local proxy which you can use to capture the full details of HTTP requests traveling through it.  It listens by default on port 8008 on your local address, and you can configure any software to use that port as a proxy.

If you choose, you can even configure it to intercept requests and responses, and it allow you to modify the data on the fly – really useful when you want to test fault circumstances.

Screeshot of WebScarab-NG

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Speed Limiter

Once in a while you need to simulate what a user experience will be at a certain connection speed. I’ve added up data sizes and times and did some math to figure out what the numbers will be, but this ignores tcp and http header overhead.

Fortunately there exists a simple tool for Windows to let you simulate any connection speed to any TCP port from any TCP client. Notably, web browsers are TCP clients which connect to TCP ports.

The tool is called Speed Limiter, and it’s freeware (an English download page can be found here). It includes some special functions related to HTTP, but it can be used for any protocol.


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