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Established Programmers Getting Started in Web Development

An acquaintance of mine has recently graduated from college with a degree in computer science.  Where he went, apparently they stressed theory over practice.  He’s got some C++, Lisp, Java, and MySQL experience, but has never touched web development (neither HTML, nor even viewed source on a web page).

He’s hoping to get a job with a company that has him supporting Java applications with web front ends, so to do that he’ll need to get at least tolerable with HTML.  He’s willing to go to training if there’s a course that’ll help, but the obvious concern is that he goes to a 5 day training and spends a significant amount of time covering “Web pages are viewed in web browsers” type material – that is to say, he’s concerned that intro to web development courses are going to be tailored to people looking to set up a family-newsletter or small-business-created-by-the-owner type site.

I’m recommending he start with the W3C tutorials: , which should get him a functional early level of knowledge.  I suggested he could start out trying to make a personal site in HTML w/o leaning on a HTML editor, hopefully this gets him the rudimentary skills he needs.  Other suggestions are welcome!

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