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Chrome AdBlock Extension

Fed up with an ad-laden Internet being practically useless compared to the ad-free version, I searched for a Chrome extension for blocking ads. There was one out there that I could find, but it was mediocre at best. Probably its largest problem being the lack of good ad blocking rules.

AdBlock Plus for Firefox has really amazing rules, with this extension installed it’s practically unheard of to encounter an ad on the Internet. So I set about writing an AdBlock Plus compatible extension for Chrome. To do this I bundled the rule parser from AdBlock Plus itself, as well as jQuery for page manipulation purposes.

This is still very early, but it supports many of the rule formats from AdBlock Plus. If you’re running Chrome, click here to install ChromeAdBlock. It’s not quite as good as AdBlock Plus, but it goes a long, long way in that direction.

The rules from EasyList US are hard coded into this; future versions will likely support a subscription and rule add/remove functionality.  This is mostly a proof of concept that the ads can indeed be blocked.

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