Regular Expression for Validating Email Addresses

This is the regular expression I use to validate email addresses:

Thought it might be useful to some folks. Most email validation regular expressions fail to allow all the valid characters before the @ sign (for example, you can have a +, an & slashes, a single quote, =, ?, ^, _, {, }, ~, *).

In ColdFusion, you can test an address with:

In Javascript, you can test with:

In PHP, you can test with:


  1. #1 by Brian at March 28th, 2008

    Very useful, except for the php part.

    I’m going to see if this fits into the spry regex validation.

  2. #2 by eric stevens at March 28th, 2008

    Nobody uses PHP anyway, right?

    Post the Spry code when you figure it out.

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